March 17, 2013/Press Releases

Tom Foley Refers To the “Newtown Bounce”

March 17, 2013

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Tom Foley Refers To the “Newtown Bounce”

(Hartford, Connecticut) — The Connecticut Democratic Party today released a statement from Executive Director Jonathan Harris regarding comments made by candidate Foley referring to a “Newtown bounce” while discussing recent polling data (video).

“If there’s one consistency with Tom Foley, it’s that he can’t seem to get through an interview without revealing the brutal calculus of his worldview,” said Mr. Harris.   “Is he so out of touch that he can look at a tragedy and only see its impact through a cold, political spectrum?

“This comment was right in step with the NRA’s own disgusting observations about the so called ‘Connecticut Effect.’ Whether it’s coming from the NRA or from Tom Foley, both comments seem to view senseless tragedy as some kind of political hurdle they must overcome.”

“Tom Foley’s words are a disgrace. Unfortunately, they’re also not surprising.  Just a few months ago, he referred to our veterans and the disabled as ‘the little people.’

These kind of comments are beneath a candidate for Governor, and they speak volumes about the kind of leader candidate Foley would be.”