May 14, 2013/Press Releases

McKinney, Cafero: Where’s The Plan?

(Hartford, Connecticut) — Today the Connecticut Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo regarding the ongoing failure of Republican leaders Senator John McKinney and Representative Lawrence Cafero to release an alternative Republican budget.

“Senator McKinney and Representative Cafero have relished the opportunity to pat themselves on the back while releasing alternative budgets in the past. As far back as 2008, they have consistently asserted that the people of Connecticut expect them to release their own budget solutions. ”

In 2008, Senator McKinney said, “I am proud to stand here with the House Republican Caucus and the Senate Republican Caucus to offer this alternative budget to say ‘there is still time between now and May 7th.’ The leadership and the governor can sit down together, even if we have to do it for every minute of every day left, and work out something, and do something for the people of the state of Connecticut, because they expect no less.” [CT Senate Republicans 4/28/08]

In 2011, Representative Cafero told the Hartford Courant’s Capitol Watch that the GOP budget was necessary in order to have an alternative to the Democratic budget.

In 2012, Representative Cafero told CT News Junkie, “Do I hope that they would look at various sections and aspects and proposals within our budget and say ‘you know what that might not be a bad idea’? I hope so. Frankly, I think the public expects that as well.” [CT News Junkie, 03/29/12]

“So, where’s the 2013 plan?” asked DiNardo. “Are they too busy running for governor to do what they have insisted in the past is a critical part of their role?”