May 21, 2013/Press Releases

Foley, Cafero, McKinney: Birds Of a Feather Still Flocking Together

(Hartford, Connecticut) — In his ongoing, desperate attempt to deflect attention from the fact that he still won’t say whether or not he’d have signed the common sense, comprehensive gun violence prevention bill that Governor Malloy signed, Tom Foley has now joined Larry Cafero and John McKinney in criticizing Governor Malloy and Democrats in the Legislature on budget issues.

Like his fellow Republicans, Tom Foley is refusing to get even remotely specific.  In an oped piece published under his name in the Connecticut Post Foley asks a question: ‘How then to get out of this sticky fiscal wicket?”  His answer: “Simple.  Cut spending by $500 million.”

Tom Foley then goes on, predictably, to list not a single cut.  Not one.  Not one dime’s worth, much less $500 million worth.  But according to Tom Foley, “it’s simple.”

So Mr. Foley, given your background as a ‘businessman,’ one would assume that anything this “simple” is right up your alley, right?

Here’s the question for Tom Foley (and Senator McKinney, and Representative Cafero):  Identify for us the $500 million you would cut from the budget.

After all, it’s “simple,” right?  Cluck, cluck.