May 23, 2013/Press Releases

Response to Rep. Cafero’s Comments about CT Democratic Party

“As Speaker Sharkey stated, Rep. Cafero is making things up. This issue was not discussed yesterday. This is good public policy that will help make our state safer, as Mayors and Police from our largest cities have stated. Simply put, if you drive on CT roads you should have to prove you are a safe driver. We at the CT Democratic Party are happy to see the House acted on this issue and proud that Democrats are advocating for this policy. We would say we are disappointed in Rep. Cafero and the House for opposing such a common sense public safety policy, but it comes as little surprise since the CT GOP is more a Party of Gov. Scott Walker, Gov. Rick Perry and Rush Limbaugh than of Yankee Republicans like Prescott Bush,” said Jonathan Harris, Executive Director of the Connecticut Democratic Party.