May 23, 2013/Press Releases

In the Dead of Night Rep. Cafero Turned Policy into Politics for His Gain

(Hartford, CT) On Wednesday night debate started in the House about an important public policy and public safety issue and was dragged out until 6 a.m. Thursday morning by Rep. Cafero and House Republicans.  It came as a great surprise when Rep. Cafero turned a policy debate into a political debate. Rep. Cafero made fictitious claims not based in reality which left many people scratching their heads as to why such claims were made.

The answer became very clear yesterday afternoon. On May 23rd at 12:02PM the House Republican Campaign Committee sent out a fundraising email with a call to action using Rep. Cafero’s false claims as a rallying cry for campaign contributions.

“Yesterday we made it clear that Rep. Cafero was making things up, but yesterday we didn’t know why. Today we know, he was looking for a way to turn a public policy debate into a political issue for his own political gain.  He is using this fabricated scenario as a way to try to increase the money in his House Republican Campaign Committee war chest and add another member to his caucus,” said Jonathan Harris, Executive Director of the CT Democratic Party.

“It is disappointing to see the former party of Yankee Republicanism attempting to score cheap political points by turning a public safety policy debate into a political football.”