May 29, 2013/Press Releases

Republicans Get Ready To Do What They Do Best: Complain

(Hartford, Connecticut) — With a budget agreement between the Governor’s Administration and legislative Democrats reportedly within reach, the legislative Republicans – “led” by Sen. John McKinney and Rep. Larry Cafero – are preparing to do what they do best: complain.  It’s been 111 days since Gov. Malloy proposed his budget, and 36 days since Democrats on the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee released their budget.  In all that time, the Republicans have refused to put forward a budget of their own; in fact, they’ve refused to even put forward an idea of their own.

Statement from Nancy DiNardo, Chairwoman on the Connecticut Democratic Party:

“It’s rather ridiculous – sad, actually – that the Republicans have refused to put forward a budget proposal of their own.  All they do – and it’s now a daily thing – is complain, criticize, whine, and then run for the hills when they’re asked what they would do.  No budget is perfect, including the one being negotiated by Gov. Malloy and Democrats in the Legislature.  There are certainly things in that budget that no one likes.  But give them credit for being willing to put forward ideas, and stand behind them.  That’s called leadership.

Sen. McKinney, Rep. Cafero, Tom Foley – they’re all one and the same.  They all say they want to lead this state, but not one of them has the guts or courage to make tough decisions.

So when they criticize the final budget agreement, remember that these are the same people who refuse to put forward their own solution.  Either because they don’t have one, or because the one they have is so ridiculous they’re afraid they’d be laughed at.”

Sen. McKinney, Rep. Cafero, Tom Foley – cluck, cluck, cluck.