July 24, 2013/Press Releases

Senator McKinney: Still Out of Touch With Connecticut’s Middle Class

(Hartford, Connecticut) —  Today, the Connecticut Democratic Party released the following statement from Executive Director Jonathan Harris.

“Sen. McKinney says he’s ‘uniquely qualified’ to be Connecticut’s next governor.  But Sen. McKinney has, more often than not, voted against Connecticut’s middle class.

“Why did he vote against Connecticut’s children?  How could he propose cutting daycare funding by $5 million?  That’s a 46% cut to a vital service for Connecticut’s working families.

He voted against much-needed funding for the state’s tourism budget.  In fact, he wanted to zero-out the commission’s budget entirely.  In 2011 alone, tourism generated $11.5 billion in revenue for both the state and for local municipalities.  The state’s tourism industry employs 110,775 people.  Why would he vote against these jobs?

Why did he propose cutting mental health services for young adults by nearly half? This type of disregard for children is typical throughout his voting history.”