September 25, 2013/News, Voting Rights

Focus on Election Day Registration

Voter Registration Graphic circle

Topline This year on Election Day, voters who are not already registered will be able to register that day and cast their ballots. Election Day Registration (EDR) is the most significant policy change to Connecticut’s election system since the creation of the public financing system.

We’re confident that EDR will increase Democratic turnout in this year’s municipal elections and elections in years to come. It’s expected to be especially critical in communities that are highly mobile and in years when turnout is greater than expected. The Secretary of the State predicts a 2.5 to 5 percent increase.

What are the basics of Election Day Registration?

  • Registrants must still present documents to prove their identity and that they do live in the local municipality. A birth certificate, social security card or drivers license can be used to prove identity. If the ID does not include proof of residency then additional documents must be presented such as a utility bill, paycheck, etc.

  • Only registrants who are first-time voters or who have recently moved to a different town or city should utilize Election Day registration. Voters who have moved within a town or city must contact the local voter registration office.

  • Registration and voting for Election Day registrants will take place in a central location, either the registrar’s office or another designated spot. Election Day registrants should not go to their local polling location.

  • Registrants should still be encouraged to mail or deliver their registration in person; Election Day registration is primarily a fail-safe measure for people who cannot register in advance.

Who benefits from Election Day Registration?

  • Voters who could be disenfranchised. According to census data, 36 million people moved between 2011 and 2012. The numbers are likely similar this year, and EDR will make sure those voters are not disenfranchised.

  • Candidates, town committees, and organizations who court voters. EDR is a way to ensure every one of your supporters votes. Groups with strong field operations will especially want to incorporate EDR into their GOTV plans.

  • Election administrators who are confronted by an individual whose name does not appear on the voter list but who says they are 100 percent certain they are a registered voter. EDR solves those kinds of problems on Election Day.