September 27, 2013/News

ICYMI: Democrats Go on Offense On Obamacare Defund Effort

From Zeke Miller at TIME:

“The Democratic National Committee is taking a swing at congressional Republicans Friday, launching a new website aimed at rallying their base against GOP efforts to defund or delay Obamacare. ThisIsObamacareCT

The DNC launched the website “,” highlighting the popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act and the serial Republican votes to repeal them. Supporters of the bill are asked to join “Team Obamacare,” and when they select their state are presented with a list of benefits in their own backyard and provided with a list of Republicans to tweet at with the text, “I’m tired of Republicans like @johnboehner trying to take away my #Obamacare. Join me & fight back.”

Democrats say they will hold events nationwide in support of Obamacare in the coming weeks, and are promoting their effort with targeted web ads.

‘For years Republicans and their allies have tried to scare Americans about Obamacare,’ said DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a statement. ‘As Obamacare’s benefits expand to help even more Americans, Republicans are doing everything in their power to stop it – even if it means driving the economy off a cliff. The simple fact is that Republicans are motivated by a fear that Americans will like Obamacare. Democrats know that Obamacare is good policy and we’re going to make sure Republicans pay a political price for trying to take it away.'”