October 4, 2013/Press Releases

Birds of a Feather: Boucher, Boughton, Foley & McKinney Embrace Tea Party Shutdown & Connecticut Job Losses

(Hartford, Connecticut) — Republican gubernatorial candidates Toni Boucher, Mark Boughton, Tom Foley and John McKinney are birds of a feather when it comes to embracing the Tea Party government shutdown that’s putting thousands of people in Connecticut out of work.

From this morning’s column in The Day regarding the GOP candidates and the shutdown.

John McKinney “I could not get him to condemn the strategy of linking a government shutdown with demands to change the health care law. This is classic pre-primary politics: reach to the extremes of your party, then hustle back to the center before the general election.”

Mark Boughton “He said linking negotiations about the health care act to a government shutdown is OK with him. ‘It’s how sausage is made,’ he said.”

Toni Boucher “She told another newspaper this week, while complaining about the health care act, that we’ve had shutdowns before and they haven’t been that bad.”

Tom Foley “Foley, according to one newspaper interview he gave earlier this week, has sided with the tea party, saying that he endorses the strategy of House Republicans to shut down the government to extract changes in the Affordable Care Act. ‘So I support what they are doing,’ Foley was quoted as saying.”

This extremist Tea Party pandering by the GOP candidates continues despite Connecticut’s own United Technologies announcing it will be forced to furlough 2,000 employees starting Monday, 2,000 more if the shutdown lasts through next week and 5,000 total if the shutdown lasts into November. Additionally, a top Connecticut economist warned that Connecticut will lose 300 jobs in the first couple of days of the shutdown and another 2,000 jobs if the shutdown continues a couple weeks. There are also 9,000 federal employees in Connecticut being furloughed due to the shutdown.


United Technologies Announced It Would Furlough 2,000 Sikorsky Workers On October 7th If The Government Shutdown Continued, Including Connecticut Sikorsky Workers. From a United Technologies press release, “If the U.S. Government shutdown continues, United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX) aerospace businesses will be forced to furlough thousands of workers due to the absence of Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) inspectors who audit and approve operations throughout the manufacturing process for military products.  Without the required DCMA inspectors, who were deemed non-essential federal employees, certain defense manufacturing work must be halted, which will result in employee furloughs. United Technologies’ Sikorsky Aircraft, which produces the BLACK HAWK helicopter, will be impacted immediately, with nearly 2,000 Sikorsky workers expected to be placed on furlough Monday, Oct. 7.  This includes employees at Sikorsky facilities in Stratford, Connecticut; West Palm Beach, Florida; and Troy, Alabama.” [United Technologies Press Release, via PRNewswire, 10/2/13]

Connecticut Will Have 300 Fewer Jobs Than It Otherwise Would If The Government Shuts Down For A Few Days.  “Connecticut will have 300 fewer jobs than it otherwise would if the federal government shuts down for a few days, economist Steven Lanza said Monday. A three- to four-week closure would cost 2,000 jobs, Lanza added.”  [TheDay.com, 10/1/13]

Most Of Connecticut’s 9,000 Federal Employees Have Been Furloughed.  “Q: How many federal employees are there in Connecticut? A: About 9,000, most of whom will be furloughed. Tens of thousands of jobs in the defense industry may slow down. For instance, civilian inspectors at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford will be furloughed. In the short term it may not lead to layoffs at the factory, since some of the consequences will not be felt right away.”  [CT Post, 10/1/13]

McKinney Blamed Both Democrats And Republicans Equally For Government Shutdown. According to Hearst Media’s CT Politics blog, “State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, of Fairfield, the lone Republican to formally declare his candidacy for the state’s highest office, said he watched TV Monday night shaking his head with ‘disgust’ at the partisan shenanigans in Congress. ‘I’m disappointed and frustrated that both sides have engaged in a lot of partisan politics and not a lot of honest policy negotiations,’ McKinney said, adding that he was ‘stunned’ by U.S. Rep. John Larson’s attack on Republicans. ‘These are the people who are running our country and they can’t sit down together?’ McKinney said. ‘It amazes me at how there is a refusal at a time when both sides need to compromise. The Republicans have one chamber and the Democrats have one chamber and there is no movement.'” [Heart Media, CT Politics Blog, 10/1/13]


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