October 4, 2013/Press Releases

Greenberg Refuses To Answer Tough Questions

(Hartford, Connecticut) — We’re on the 4th day of a government shutdown that is already harming Connecticut’s economy and still, Mark Greenberg refuses to answer whether or not he would have supported the Tea Party’s reckless behavior. When reporters reached out to his campaign for comment, he ducked the question and instead passed it off to a consultant.

“Mark Greenberg’s silence on this issue speaks volumes about how he’d represent Connecticut’s 5th District in Congress,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Jonathan Harris.

Mr. Greenberg’s consultant told the CT Mirror: “‘It reminds me of Y2K,’ he said. ‘Remember? Planes were going to fall out of the sky.’”

Well, now that Connecticut workers — including those furloughed at Sikorsky Aircraft — are feeling the effects of this shutdown, will Mr. Greenberg speak for himself?