December 2, 2013/Press Releases

VIDEO: McKinney Endorsement of Tea Party Extremist Mark Greenberg: “Mark is Right on the Issues”

McKinney endorsed Tea Partier and 5th Congressional candidate Mark Greenberg today

HARTFORD, Conn. — Today, CT GOP candidate for governor John McKinney endorsed Tea Party extremist and 5th Congressional District candidate Mark Greenberg at an event in Waterbury.  When throwing his support behind Tea Partier Greenberg, McKinney said, “Mark is right on the issues.”

Given his endorsement and strong words today, the Connecticut Democratic Party would like to know if John McKinney thinks Mark Greenberg is right on the following issues:

1. Mark Greenberg told Hearst Connecticut newspapers, “I share a lot of the same ideals as the Tea Party.” [Danbury News Times, 10/20/13] Does John McKinney share Tea Party ideals as well, and which ones specifically? Does John McKinney agree with the Tea Party shutdown that cost Connecticut residents $14.8 million and 1000 jobs? [WTNH, 10/18/13]

2. Mark Greenberg supports raising the age for Social Security benefits. [Mark Greenberg for Congress Archived Page, 1/26/11Does John McKinney agree with Mark Greenberg’s plans to make Connecticut seniors wait longer before receiving their hard-earned benefits they have paid into their whole lives?

Please click the following link for a video clip mash-up of John McKinney praising Mark Greenberg today:


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