December 3, 2013/Press Releases, Women

McKinney Endorses Anti-Gay Marriage, Anti-Choice & Anti-Gun Control Mark Greenberg

HARTFORD, Conn. — Yesterday, John McKinney endorsed Tea Party radical Mark Greenberg for Congress in Connecticut’s 5th District. In his endorsement of Greenberg, McKinney said that “Mark is right on the issues.” Mark Greenberg has been very vocal about his anti-gay marriage, anti-choice and anti-gun control stances.

“After endorsing Tea Party extremist Mark Greenburg, John McKinney has some serious explaining to do to Connecticut residents about Greenberg’s radical beliefs,” said CT Dems Chair Nancy DiNardo.  “By endorsing Mark Greenberg, does John McKinney share his anti-gay marriage, anti-choice and anti-gun control stances? Senator McKinney needs to tell Connecticut where he stands on these issues after yesterday’s endorsement.  John McKinney’s endorsement of someone who is so out of touch with mainstream Connecticut is not leadership, it’s reckless and not what Connecticut wants in a leader.”

Click the following link for a video mash-up of John McKinney praising extremist’s Mark Greenberg at yesterday’s endorsement event:


Greenberg Opposed Gay Marriage. According to WNPR, “Greenberg is running as a social conservative and he is a pro-life candidate. When it comes to gay marriage,  ‘I don’t know if they should be able to be married. I think marriage as a union is dedicated to a man and a woman,’ said Greenberg. He is also opposed to a national law allowing gay marriage.” [WNPR, 7/19/12]

Greenberg Is Pro-Life. [Torrington Register Citizen, 7/24/12]


Greenberg: “I Am Strongly Opposed To Using Taxes To Fund Abortion In Any Form.” In January 2011, Greenberg had posted to his campaign website, “For decades federal law has prohibited the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. As a part of the health care bill, there has been an effort to change this established law. I am strongly opposed to using taxes to fund abortion in any form. If I am elected to Congress, I will fight to maintain the existing law that prohibits our tax dollars from funding abortion.” [Greenberg Campaign Website, via The Internet Archive, Captured 1/26/11]


Greenberg Supported Parental Notification Laws For Abortion. In January 2011, Greenberg had posted to his campaign website, “I will work to ensure that we have strong federal parental notification laws so minor children cannot be taken across state lines for abortions in states that do not have their own parental notification laws.” [Greenberg Campaign Website, via The Internet Archive, Captured 1/26/11]


Greenberg Supported Maintaining Connecticut’s Current Gun Laws In The Aftermath Of The July 2012 Colorado Shootings. According to the Meriden Record-Journal, ” The Republican candidates in the 5th Congressional District race came out sniping last week in two feisty debates held in the western part of the sprawling district. The candidates squared off on topics such as gun control, the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, immigration and economic development. […] The candidates agreed on gun control, saying that the recent shootings in Colorado did not justify changes in current laws.” [Meriden Record-Journal, 8/5/12]


Greenberg: “The 2nd Amendment Clearly Protects The Right Of Individuals To Keep And Bear Firearms – Period.” In January 2011, Greenberg had posted on his campaign website, “The 2nd Amendment clearly protects the right of individuals to keep and bear firearms – period. Our 2nd Amendment represents the freedom to own firearms for personal protection, hunting and sport shooting. I will ensure that no bills violate our Constitutional Rights as lawful citizens, to own and possess firearms. Handgun bans have been repeatedly overturned by the courts because they are unconstitutional – and ensure that ‘only the bad guys’ will have guns. Gun ownership is a right and with rights come responsibility. I believe we should promote gun safety education and training programs to ensure that guns are used safely and are used by those with proper training and licensing.” [Greenberg Campaign Website, via The Internet Archive, Captured 1/26/11]


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