January 8, 2014/Press Releases

Connecticut Legislative & Municipal Leaders Respond to Mark Boughton’s Campaign Announcement

Hartford, CT – Following Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton’s gubernatorial campaign announcement, Connecticut legislative and municipal leaders released the following statements:

Senator Bob Duff (Norwalk & Darien): “Mark Boughton is not the type of person Connecticut needs as it’s leader. He opposes the common solutions and the basic ideals that many residents in our state support, like the minimum wage. The Republicans are going trip all over themselves trying to be THE “Tea Party” candidate. While the Democrats continue to work with Gov. Malloy to grow our economy, invest in transportation and further our clean energy goals, the Republican candidates will use their time pandering to the extreme flank of their party.”

Mayor Daniel Drew (Middletown): “It’s a scary thought to imagine a governor in 2014 whose closest advisor and former chief of staff, Senator Mike McLachlan, is staunchly anti-gay, anti-women and a Tea Partier.  Aligning himself with one of the most extreme Republicans in Connecticut is a clear indication of just how out of touch Mark Boughton is with the residents of Connecticut.  What’s even scarier, is that Mark Boughton said he would not have signed last year’s common sense gun control legislation.  Mark Boughton couldn’t be farther out of touch with mainstream Connecticut.”

Council President Shawn Wooden (Hartford): “Mark Boughton has a dangerous record of targeting the Latino community, and that record cost the taxpayers of Danbury $400,000 after the city had to settle with a group of undocumented workers due to Boughton’s actions.  Add that to Mayor Boughton’s failed record of slashing school budget requests, and you really have an individual who does not put the needs of Connecticut residents before his extreme political agenda.”


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