January 7, 2014/Press Releases

Where Do the Candidates for Congress Stand on a Federal Minimum Wage Increase?

Debicella, Greenberg silent on the benefits Connecticut families are already experiencing just 7 days after the increase

Hartford, CT – On the 7th day of the increase to Connecticut’s minimum wage, the Connecticut Democratic Party asks where Dan Debicella and Mark Greenberg stand on increasing the federal minimum wage.

Legislation was introduced in the House and the Senate earlier this year to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

The state’s minimum wage has been raised for almost a week and already Connecticut families are feeling its benefits.  Dan Debicella voted against raising the state’s minimum wage in 2008, and Mark Greenberg was recently endorsed by Senator John McKinney who voted against the increase in 2013.

While Democrats fight for working families, do these GOP candidates want to stand in the way of their economic progress?  Where do they stand on the proposed federal minimum wage increase?