January 7, 2014/Press Releases

Ten Questions for Mark Boughton Before He Announces His Campaign for Governor

Hartford, CT – The day before Mark Boughton is expected to announce his campaign for governor, the Connecticut Democratic Party has the following questions for him:

1. Will you continue to embrace the Tea Party and attend their events?

2.  Would you have signed last year’s common sense gun control legislation, yes or no?

3. Will you seek political assistance from, and the endorsement of, the National Rifle Association and Connecticut Citizens Defense League?

4. Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

5. If elected, would your administration hire or appoint anti-gay, anti-women and Tea Partier Mike McLachlan?

6. Will you continue to work against Connecticut’s working families by opposing minimum wage increases and paid sick leave?

7. If elected, will you continue your policy of only favoring DECD investments made in Danbury while opposing investments made in all the other 168 Connecticut towns?

8. How much have taxes gone up in Danbury since you have been mayor and what fees and fines have you instituted and increased?

9. Will you target undocumented workers and the Latino community, like you did as mayor costing the taxpayers of Danbury $400,000 in legal settlements, if elected governor?

10. If elected, will you cut education funding, and if so will you cut funding to Connecticut’s lowest performing schools?


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