January 9, 2014/Press Releases, Uncategorized

Hypocrisy Alert: Boucher, Boughton, Foley & McKinney Solicit Donations from State Contractors & Lobbyists

 Hartford, CT – Today, the Hartford Courant revealed that Toni Boucher, Mark Boughton, Tom Foley and John McKinney are soliciting contributions from state contractors and lobbyists. The four GOP candidates for governor are listed as hosts for a fundraising event the Hartford Courant described as follows: “State Republicans are bringing in the GOP’s national chairman, Reince Priebus, as the draw for a Jan. 16 fundraiser they’re calling ‘An evening of Cigars, Cocktails and Politics’ at the Owl Shop in New Haven… The list of more than 200 invitees is heavy with lobbyists and consultants, and even a couple of state government contractors.'” [Hartford Courant, 1/9/14]

“Toni Boucher, Mark Boughton, Tom Foley and John McKinney are all soliciting money from state contractors and lobbyists, as this event shows, so they couldn’t be bigger hypocrites for criticizing the Connecticut Democratic Party for legally raising money from the same groups,” said former State Senator and Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Jonathan Harris.  “So basically their strategy is to criticize Democrats for doing what they themselves are doing.  Pretty ridiculous, to be honest.”

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