April 16, 2014/Press Releases

John McKinney Attempts, Fails at Damage Control

Hartford, CT – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo issued the following response to Senator McKinney’s statement regarding his comments to sign a repeal of Connecticut’s gun control legislation, SB 1160:

“Senator McKinney’s response is tortured, at best. And, actually, painful to read. Last night he said if the Legislature sent him a bill repealing the gun control law he voted for last year he would sign it. Pretty straightforward, right? Not if you’re John McKinney. When called out today on it for what it is — political pandering — Senator McKinney dug the hole he created last night even deeper.  He now claims he was addressing a hypothetical that won’t occur. So that gives him license to backtrack on a big vote and pander to the crowd he’s in front of? Senator McKinney is right about one thing- people are disgusted by politics as usual: the kind of politics he exhibited last night, and then today.”

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