April 16, 2014/Press Releases

SHOCKER: John McKinney Says He Would Repeal the Gun Control Bill “SB 1160”

Hartford, CT – Last night at the Quiet Corner Tea Party Patriots meeting, John McKinney said that if he were governor, he would sign legislation to repeal the gun control bill “SB 1160” if the legislature sent it to him. Watch the video here:

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cOIwVzHHEI’]


“It is unbelievable that John McKinney, who voted for the gun control bill “SB 1160,” now says if he were governor and the legislature sent him a bill repealing the legislation, he would sign it,” said Nancy DiNardo, Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman. “This is political pandering at its worst.”


Questioner: I have a few questions here from your constituents. Because one of them was, that got sent me, is if Republicans took over the General Assembly [McKinney: Right] and if they put forward a repeal of SB 1160 [McKinney: Yep], if you were elected governor, would you sign that?

McKinney: If the legislature repeals something, I think the governor owes a great deference to what the legislature does, and I would.


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