May 18, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT – It didn’t take long for Connecticut Republican candidate Tom Foley to start with his false claims, revisionist history, and gross distortions. When accepting the CT GOP nomination yesterday, Foley clearly abused the most basic facts about Connecticut’s progress and economic rebound for the entire state to see.

“It took just minutes after accepting the nomination for Tom Foley to revise history, distort the facts, and mislead Connecticut voters. There is only one takeaway from his speech yesterday – he is wrong for this state,” said Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo. “Making egregiously false claims, Foley is trying to dupe voters into buying the same old, tired, failed policies of the past. I’m not sure which is worse – deliberately distorting history or just not knowing the facts altogether. Either way, Connecticut can either go backwards with Mr. Foley, or continue on the path of progress that it’s on under Governor Malloy.”


False Claim“‘We can restore the pride and promise Connecticut had before Dan Malloy became governor,’ Foley said.” [Hartford Courant, 5/17/14]

After two decades of failed Republican leadership, Dan Malloy inherited:

  • Unemployment rate – 9.3%
  • Budget Deficit – $3.67 billion
  • No net job growth for 20 years
  • Private sector employment that had plummeted
  • Minimum Wage – $8.25

Today, under Dan Malloy’s leadership:

  • Unemployment rate – 6.9%, the lowest in five years
  • Budget Deficit – Eliminated
  • Over 50,000 private sector jobs created
  • Current Minimum Wage – $8.70
  • Minimum Wage in 2017 – $10.10

False Claim“‘It isn’t fair if a child can’t go to a good school. … Dan Malloy has not created jobs in our cities, and he has pulled back funding from schools,’ Foley said.’” [Hartford Courant, 5/17/14]

  • Over 50,000 private sector jobs created
  • Education Funding – Increased $237 million, with 92% going to the schools that need it most

The below full-of-it Foley fact sheet lays out the candidate’s half-truths and revisionist history in yesterday’s speech.