May 17, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT – The Connecticut Democratic Party today released some of the “Winners and Losers” out of the Republican Convention.

“This potential three-way primary is both a dream and a nightmare. On one hand, over the course of the primary, voters will see just what these Republican candidates are: pandering politicians who are out of touch with mainstream Connecticut and on the wrong side of the issues. On the other, we’re going to have to bear months and months of empty promises, laughable claims on tax cuts without spending cuts, and more pandering to the NRA,”  said Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo. “Every day we’re seeing the Republican candidates distort, pander, and move to the extremes. Now that’s going to continue for months.”

The NRA – A big winner out of the Republican convention is the NRA – we are likely to hear more and more pandering to the gun-touting right. Does Connecticut really want to roll back the toughest common sense gun laws in the nation put in place by Governor Malloy and state Democrats? The NRA gets a “W.” — Winner

The Tea Party – Connecticut voters are going to hear more and more pandering about billions in tax cuts without a way to pay for them. This is a big “W” for the extreme right.  — Winner

The Republican Campaigns’ Number Crunchers – The fact checkers on each campaign – if they exist – are going to have a herculean task ahead as they work to cook the books and fabricate ways to make the candidates’ ludicrous budget promises seem even remotely plausible. — Loser

Tom Foley – Ouch – he couldn’t avoid a primary. This weekend is one for the loss column. — Loser

Women: The longer this primary goes on, the more Connecticut’s women have to hear about how Republicans want to implement policies from the past and take down the party – the Democrats – that fights for equal pay for equal work. — Loser

Mainstream Voters – The biggest losers here are mainstream voters, who are going to have to watch Republicans take more and more steps to right for the next several months. — Loser