June 6, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT – Earlier this week, Tom Foley went in front of an editorial board to make false, reckless claims in a desperate attempt to distort Governor Malloy’s record on a variety of fronts – guns, schools, cities, and so many other issues. It followed his previously inaccurate claims about education spending under the current administration, which were refuted.

Yesterday, that editorial board recognized Foley’s recklessness by calling out some of those distortions. Tom Foley would do well to heed its words.

“The more you listen to Tom Foley, the less believable he is. He wants to take us backwards to the old, failed policies of the past – and to do that, he thinks he needs to lie,” said Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo. “Tom Foley, you have been dishonest with the people of Connecticut. Between making reckless promises on tax cuts you know you can’t keep or lying to voters about Governor Malloy’s spending on schools, Connecticut voters have had enough with the distortions – and they deserve better.”

The Democratic Party released the following graphic: