June 9, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT — Ethical questions have started to swirl around Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Boughton—and they mirror those raised just a couple months ago about Tom Foley.

In an editorial, the New Haven Register says “Boughton has chosen to associate with some of the state’s most ethically challenged political players.”

  • Two years ago, he endorsed Lisa Wilson-Foley—guilty of illegally funneling money to John Rowland—for Congress. In exchange, she donated to, endorsed, and fundraised for Boughton.
  • But Boughton accepted her help “long after it became known that a federal grand jury was investigating Rowland for possible criminal activity.”
  • Now, after being dumped by his initial running mate, he needs fundraising help, so he’s turned to Mark Lauretti, who the Register says “also knows his way around a federal criminal investigation.”
  • On Boughton’s ethics, the editorial said: “Voters should wonder whether Boughton, as governor, is going to apply this same level of tolerance to questions of corruption if it benefits him.”

 The same questions apply to Tom Foley, who has doubled down on these ethically questionable relationships.

During Foley’s failed 2010 run for Governor, Rowland was “informally helping him to gather political support”.

  • Now, Foley has hired the same high-level operatives—the campaign manager and finance director—from Wilson-Foley’s corrupt 2012 campaign.
  • Both aides may testify in Rowland’s case. “Campaign Worker 1” and “Campaign Worker 2”, unnamed in the indictment, had direct knowledge of Rowland’s role in the campaign.

“When it comes to the GOP candidates, questions abound. Between reckless relationships and reckless promises, the Republican candidates are wrong for this state,” said Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy DiNardo. “Connecticut voters have a hardworking, trustworthy leader in Governor Malloy. In the Republican candidates, ethical questions swirl. We simply can’t trust them.”