June 9, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT – A major policy rift has emerged between gubernatorial candidate John McKinney and running mate David Walker. Known as “@DeficitRanger” on Twitter, Walker took to the social media site on Sunday to say that he supported the Earned Income Tax Credit.


John McKinney’s most recent budget proposed $120 million in new taxes by eliminating EITC, and there appears to be a divide between the running mates. As a result, voters have a right to know where David Walker stands.

“Does David Walker support the Earned Income Tax Credit or does he stand with John McKinney on eliminating it? It is a simple question—and Connecticut voters have a right to know the answer,” said Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo.


McKinney’s Alternative Budget Proposal Used “Gimmicks” And Retained The Elimination Of The Earned Income Tax Credit, A Credit That Saves Working Poor Families About $120 Million Per Year.” ““Faced with shrinking state tax receipts, minority Republican legislators Thursday grudgingly used one of the largest ‘gimmicks’ they had chastised Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for in their latest budget proposal. Republican leaders defended their new budget, noting that regardless of what they proposed, Malloy and his fellow Democrats in the legislature’s majority already have begun refinancing that debt. ‘Governor Malloy’s budget has come apart at the seams, sending everyone back to the drawing board with just one week remaining in the legislative session,’ said Senate Minority Leader John McKinney. […] It also retained a controversial proposal to eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit within the state income tax system, a credit that saves working poor families about $120 million per year.” [CT Mirror, 5/1/14]