August 26, 2014/Press Releases

BREAKING: Tom Foley would sign a repeal of our gun bill

Hartford, CT — We’ve known Tom Foley opposes Connecticut’s smart, strict gun law. We’ve known he’s called it an “inconvenience”, even as he is unable to enumerate specific parts of the law with which he disagrees. We’ve known that Tom Foley recently gave $1,000 to help the extremist Connecticut Citizens Defense League roll back our gun law.

The Vice President of the extreme gun group said last week that he knows Tom Foley’s positions. Yet, Connecticut voters do not. That’s because in public, Tom Foley has dodged even the most basic questions.

Yet, what we didn’t know is that Tom Foley seems to have made his positions clear behind closed doors to CCDL, promising to sign a repeal of our smart gun law to Scott Wilson, President of the right-wing group. According to the New Haven Register, “Wilson said Foley did say if the law was repealed, ‘despite how unlikely that is, he would sign it,’ if he was governor.”

While Tom Foley refuses to provide any specifics in public, what else did he promise to CCDL privately? Did he promise to oppose our ban on high-capacity magazines? Does he support background checks for gun purchasers? With so few public positions, what exactly has he promised the Connecticut Citizens Defense League behind closed doors?

“Tom Foley is soon going to stand shoulder to shoulder with the CCDL, which strongly opposes our smart, strict gun control law and has promised to fight day and night for repeal. If Tom Foley plans on giving CCDL the keys to the capitol, he should be clear on what he’s promised behind closed doors, because so far, he’s refused to say publicly whether he supports a ban on high-capacity magazines or what he specifically disagrees with in the law,” said Devon Puglia, Democratic Party spokesman. “If anything is clear, it’s that Mr. Foley seems content taking the endorsement of a far-right, extremist group intent on rolling back smart gun laws that are keeping our schools and communities safer. And Tom Foley would sign a repeal of those laws—and that would take Connecticut backwards.”