August 25, 2014/Press Releases


“If voters want to know where Tom Foley would take us, they should look no further than his potential support from the CCDL.

“In the wake of an unthinkable tragedy, Governor Malloy stood up and delivered progress, passing the smartest gun law in the nation. Tom Foley, however, has run a campaign devoid of specifics. He’s unable to identify even a single specific provision in the law he disagrees with. He won’t tell us whether he supports a ban on high-capacity magazines or basic background checks, and he’s callously called the tragedy ‘something that happened several years ago’.

“Yet, he did make a $1,000 donation to the CCDL to support their efforts to roll back our law. It’s clear there is only one direction he would take our state – and that is backwards.

“The contrast this November could not be more clear. Governor Malloy stood up, had the courage to make the tough decisions, and made progress for our state. Tom Foley, however, would have done absolutely nothing to prevent another tragedy from occurring. Voters in November will face a choice: do we want a friend of the far-right CCDL turning back the clock on progress, or do we stand with Governor Malloy to move our state forward?

“I proudly stand with Governor Malloy on this issue – because he has made progress for Connecticut.”