September 3, 2014/Press Releases


“In the span of one week, Foley has been endorsed by two of the most extreme organizations in this state that advocate for positions that come at the expense of the safety of our families, and the basic freedoms we all enjoy. The Connecticut Citizens Defense League and the Family Institute of Connecticut are two organizations whose sole aim is to roll back progress — and Tom Foley is standing with them. This endorsement is shameful, and Mr. Foley should reject it and renounce their extremist positions.

“Tom Foley has refused to provide specifics on almost every issue, but he’s shown he is perfectly happy to stand with and sell out to the most extreme elements in his party. If that means repealing bipartisan laws to keep our families safe from gun violence, turning women who have abortions into criminals, denying emergency contraception to victims of rape, trampling on a woman’s right to choose, then Tom Foley appears ready to do it.

“Every day the choice in this election becomes more clear. Governor Malloy will continue to take us forward, while Tom Foley will roll back the clock. Today’s endorsement makes that perfectly clear.”