October 7, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT – Yesterday, Tom Foley’s biggest backer, RGA Chair Chris Christie, once again visited Connecticut in support of Foley’s campaign. Christie has visited the state several times to raise money for the Connecticut GOP in support of Foley, specifically into a so-called “special account” — raising questions about whether the CT GOP has established multiple non-federal accounts to skirt campaign finance laws.

The fact is that, with a long history of skirting the rules, the CT GOP is showing extraordinary hypocrisy on campaign violations.

Tom Foley’s SEEC Fine

  • There is only one candidate in the gubernatorial race who paid an almost $16,000 civil penalty for violating SEEC rules — and that’s Tom Foley.
  • Using an out-of-state super PAC to make campaign expenditures, Tom Foley was caught funneling money and coordinating on a poll prior to declaring as a candidate — an illegal move.
  • Even former Republican candidate Mark Boughton said about the rule-breaking: A fine is a fine is a fine.”

Pending SEEC Investigations and Complaints

  • Tom Foley currently has several SEEC investigations and complaints against them, the latest filed just last week.
  • Tom Foley plagiarized his policy agenda from the Connecticut Policy Institute — a clear violation of state election laws on illegal coordination and prohibited contributions.
  • Over the summer, Tom Foley willingly and knowingly omitted television ad production expenses from a campaign finance filing — a clear attempt to skirt state election laws.

John McKinney had problems too…

  • During his failed bid for Governor, John McKinney said, “I won’t take a penny from state contractors into our campaign.” Here’s the video.
  • A review of John McKinney’s March 31st SEEC report shows that he continued to take contributions from at least two more banned state contractor principals.
  • Below is a list of principals of state contractors or prospective contractors who contributed to John McKinney’s campaign and appear on the March 31, 2014 SEEC report:

“Tom Foley, the GOP candidate for governor, paid a $16,000 fine for willfully violating campaign finance rules, yet the state GOP wants to talk about campaign violations?” asked Democratic Party spokesman Devon Puglia. “Connecticut Republicans have multiple investigations and complaints pending, and this simply demonstrates they are reaching new heights of hypocrisy. This reeks of desperation. If the CT GOP wants to be so transparent, they should tell voters how and where Chris Christie’s fundraising dollars are being spent and whether this so-called ‘special account’ for Tom Foley violates campaign finance laws.”