October 6, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT —Republican Governors Association Chair Chris Christie is in Connecticut today to campaign for Tom Foley, who was recently caught plagiarizing his urban policy agenda and lying about it.

The only problem is that just last week, the RGA Chair attacked a Democratic candidate for alleged plagiarism in the Wisconsin gubernatorial race, saying:

  • “I don’t think they teach plagiarism at Harvard Business School.”
  • “I don’t think they were teaching you to cut and paste other people’s work and call it your own.”
  • “If you can’t trust her honesty and her integrity when she tells you that this is her plan, why would you trust her honesty and integrity on anything else…You shouldn’t trust any of it.”

The line would be comical — except Tom Foley not only plagiarized his urban outline, but he’s also a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School. If Tom Foley plagiarized his urban agenda, how can we trust what he says about his arrests, dangerously and deliberately ramming his car into other moving vehicles at speeds of up to 50 M.P.H., and his business record of exploiting the middle class for personal profit?

We know Tom Foley has already lied extensively about those experiences, so according to Chris Christie’s own standard, Tom Foley can’t be trusted.

What can we expect Chris Christie and the RGA to say today about Tom Foley blatantly plagiarizing the work of others? Does Governor Christie have the hubris to hold one standard about plagiarism in one state but another for Connecticut?

He’ll likely say that Tom Foley took much of his urban outline from his own policy institute, which itself is a violation of Connecticut Election Law.

“Tom Foley plagiarizes his outline, lies about his arrest record, and tries to rewrite his history of exploiting the middle class for personal profit. According to Governor Christie’s own standard, voters can’t trust Foley — and we agree,” said Devon Puglia, Democratic Party spokesman. “From a party that slashes programs for working families in order to support tax cuts for millionaires, we can expect Chris Christie to demonstrate a clear double standard on Tom Foley’s plagiarism.”