December 7, 2015/Press Releases

Trump has gone too far

UPDATE (10:03 AM):

Republican Party Chairs from states across the country – including Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina – have denounced Trump’s despicable language. Republican presidential candidates from Jeb Bush to Lindsay Graham have gone even further.

Yet Connecticut Republican Party Chairman J.R. Romano, apparently spurred by the extreme elements of his party, stands alone in his silence. And his refusal to denounce Trump speaks volumes about the direction of the Connecticut GOP.

“How can J.R. Romano and the Connecticut Republican Party possibly think it’s acceptable to stay silent on this outright bigotry? Their refusal to address this sure seems like a tacit endorsement of Trump’s disgusting proposals. For a party that claims to fight for religious freedom to stay silent in the face of oppression speaks volumes about the character of Connecticut’s Republican leaders.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby.

Trump has gone too far

Democrats call on J.R. Romano to condemn Trump’s racist, hateful language

Hartford, Ct. – Throughout the early stages of the presidential campaign, Republican standard-bearer Donald Trump has made a series of racist, xenophobic, hateful comments. All the while, Connecticut Republican Party Chairman J.R. Romano has stood idly by, refusing to condemn this vitriolic speech.

But today, Donald Trump crossed a line when he called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States.

While even some members of his own party are denouncing Trump’s comments, Romano’s silence continues. It is time for Mr. Romano and the Connecticut Republican Party to join Democrats in denouncing Trump for this for his hateful, vile language.

Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell released the following statement.

“Last night, President Obama – like President Bush before him – made a powerful case that the United States is not at war with Muslims, but with a small minority of violent extremists who pervert the meaning of Islam,” said Mandell. “That is absolutely true, and the only way we are going to defeat ISIS/Daesh is by working with the Muslim community to soundly reject this extremist ideology.

“The Connecticut Democratic Party is proud of our strong partnership with Connecticut’s Muslim community. They are our friends and neighbors. And the truth is that more Muslims are killed by terrorists than any other religion in the world. Donald Trump’s proposal is an example of the Republican Party’s continued move away from reason. 

“It is time for J.R. Romano and his Republican Party to show some leadership and denounce Donald Trump and his extreme ideology. Connecticut deserves better than political leaders who stay silent in the face of xenophobia and racism. At this point, this is beyond politics – it’s a matter of humanity.”