March 9, 2016/Uncategorized

Heather Somers’s one big endorsement

Heather Somers is rolling out “endorsements” from local Republicans. But the biggest endorsement in her political career? That came from failed gubernatorial candidate Ambassador Tom Foley, who says “she has a great future in politics in Connecticut” [Yale Daily News, 11/06/15]. That should be telling to the people of the 18th district.

Despite Somers’s well-documented deception and betrayal of her original running mate, Mark Boughton, Foley vigorously defended Somers’s character, calling her“an extremely straightforward and honest person.”  [The Day, 05/21/14]

The voters of the 18th district can do better than the same tired policies Ambassador Tom Foley and Heather Somers put forward in 2014.