March 14, 2016/News

The Clay Clock is ticking

It has been more than a week since flailing congressional candidate Clay Cope accused Rep. Elizabeth Esty of supporting Hillary Clinton (true). However, seven days later, it is still not clear who Mr. Cope is supporting for president, and whether he will support his party’s presumed nominee, Donald Trump.

To recognize Mr. Cope’s utter hypocrisy, the Connecticut Democratic Party has launched the Clay Clock.

“Clay Cope’s campaign has barely started, and he has already lost all credibility. Voters should question if a candidate for Congress will support his party’s hateful, xenophobic standard-bearer. Yet Mr. Cope has steadfastly refused to say whether he will support Donald Trump when he is the GOP nominee. Congresswoman Esty has made her feelings about the presidential race known. Mr. Cope’s silence is telling.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby

Mr. Cope’s penchant for fear-mongering is certainly reminiscent of the Republican frontrunner.

“Indeed, the Cope campaign’s tactics appear to be right out of the Trump playbook – making ridiculous, baseless accusations for political gain. Maybe he should worry more about the Republican Party’s failed policies and stale talking points than a story that a campaign staffer heard from someone who talked to a bystander about Elizabeth Esty’s interaction with a town official.” – Appleby said.