April 23, 2016/News

Donald Trump Is In Connecticut: Dems React

With three days to Connecticut’s primary, Donald Trump has once again taken his campaign of hatred and division to Connecticut. And once again, the majority of Connecticut’s elected Republicans remain silent in the face of his outright bigotry.

“As Donald Trump campaigns in Waterbury today, the heart of Connecticut’s 5th district, where does GOP congressional candidate Clay Cope stand? Throughout his campaign, Cope has routinely refused to answer whether he will support Trump when he is the GOP nominee. But with the Donald campaigning in the district he wants to represent, his would-be constituents deserve the truth.

“And perhaps while the Republican standard-bearer is in Bridgeport, State Representative and GOP congressional candidate John Shaban could explain whether he agrees with Mr. Trump’s tax ‘plan’ which gives huge tax breaks to the richest 1 percent, or whether he agrees with Trump’s plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. How would Shaban/Trump ‘policies’ help America’s middle class and cities like Bridgeport? If Shaban really wants to be taken seriously as a congressional candidate, voters deserve answers.

“The bottom line is that Donald Trump’s campaign has been an embarrassment for the Republican Party and for the United States of America. He has attacked women – saying they deserve to be punished for having an abortion. He has attacked immigrants – calling them rapists and murderers. And he has attacked entire religions – proposing to ban all Muslims from entering the country. It’s time for Connecticut Republicans to make their feelings about Trump known.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Alynn Woischke