May 25, 2016/Press Releases

CT Dems’ Statement On GOP Press Conference

Hartford, Ct. – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell released the following statement on legislative Republicans’ press conference attacking the agreement between the Secretary of the State and the Department of Motor Vehicles to automatically register eligible motorists to vote.

“For the past several years, Republicans around the country have passed regressive laws making it harder for citizens – particularly people of color, people living in poverty, and older people – to vote. Today Connecticut Republicans proved once again that they share the same values as the GOP legislators from states like North Carolina and Texas who have passed restrictive voter suppression laws. I want to be very clear: Democrats support making it easier, not harder, for all citizens to participate in our democracy while Republicans want to limit access and prevent people from having their voices heard. Connecticut deserves better than the failed policies Republicans across the country have pushed.”