June 22, 2016/News

As House Democrats Sit-In, Where Do Cope, Novak, Shaban Stand?

As every member of Connecticut’s congressional delegation participates in a sit-in to push for a vote on gun safety legislation, their Republican challengers have stayed silent. The question for Clay Cope, Daria Novak, and John Shaban is simple: Where do they stand? Do they stand with 86 percent of voters in supporting legislation to prevent suspected terrorists from acquiring weapons, or do they stand with their would-be House GOP colleagues and the NRA in opposing this commonsense legislation?

“This is no time for silence; it’s a time for leadership. Connecticut voters deserve to know exactly where the people running to be their representative in Congress stand on this critically important issue. Every member of Connecticut’s congressional delegation has the courage to stand up and make their position on gun safety known – and to fight for progress toward ending gun violence. It’s time for Republican candidates to make their voices heard. Silence is simply unacceptable.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby