June 3, 2016/News

CT Democrats’ Statement on the Connecticut Democratic Progress Dinner

Hartford, CT – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement on the success of last night’s Connecticut Democratic Progress Dinner and the work ahead as we prepare for the general election in November.

Last night we were proud to host Democrats from across the state in Hartford to celebrate our annual Democratic Progress dinner. Our success last night means that we can continue to support our local parties, build a volunteer base, attract new voters, and have the voter-to-voter conversations so critical to winning elections.  As a party, we are ready to fight through November to not only keep Connecticut blue and re-elect Senator Blumenthal and our entire congressional delegation, but also ensure that we elect a Democratic president. We will not take anything for granted, and last night helped energize Democrats and ensure we can build a strong grassroots organization and elect Democrats this fall.

I want to extend my thanks to all those who worked hard to make last night the success it was and to all our participants. And special thanks to Governor Jennifer Granholm for sharing her vision and energy with us as we mark the beginning of a successful 2016 campaign.

And in an appropriately Seussian way, Governor Granholm laid out what is at stake this November. As a nation we cannot afford to leave anyone behind, which is precisely what Republicans will do if they win the Presidency and continue their majorities in Congress. We hope you enjoy Governor Jennifer Granholm’s Ode to Michigan and Connecticut:

I’m not sure at this dinner about Yankee etiquette,
But I have an ode to Michigan and Connecticut.
Our states may seem different, but for what it’s worth,
I think we were just separated at birth:
Both northern states with so much in common —
You think I’m kidding?  Both state birds are the robin!
More than symbols that connect us,
Our city names also intersect us:
We have Bridgeport and Hartford — and so do you
You have New Haven and Milford — we have them too!
Of course Michigan has towns named “Hell” and “Bad Axe”
Or tell folks for fun you’re going to Climax … Michigan.

But in politics our similarities end.
The Right controls all of poor Michigan.
Ahhhhhh, Connecticut Dems: what a joy!
Ds in command starting with Gov Malloy.
You have Blumenthal and Murphy, to rep you in DC,
And Larsen, Courtney, DeLauro, Himes and Esty!

Jepsen, Merrill and Wyman, we can’t forget,
Not to mention your state House and Senate!
My Lord you guys are on such a roll —
So here’s what Michigan gets with full GOP control:

They won’t fund infrastructure despite people’s gripes,
No new roads or bridges or underground pipes;
They’re lead poisoning children in the City of Flint;
They’re slashing the reach of labor’s footprint;
They won’t pay to retrain our jobless folks;
They say global warming is all a hoax;
They’ve passed laws making it harder to vote,
While trickle down theory gets jammed down our throat.
They’ve made massive cuts to the business tax,
While funding for schools goes under the axe.
Legislating bathrooms and voter ID:
That’s what you get with this GOP.
Congressional panels up to no good,
Obsessed over defunding Planned Parenthood;
If we had more Esty and DeLauro spunk,
We wouldn’t be stuck with that anti-choice junk!

And if any of that sounds familiar to you,
Then it’s time to turn every state Connecticut Blue!

At last the GOP primary’s done;
Toss the popcorn, it’s been lots of fun.
While their candidates were chump upon chump,
In history, none’s worse than Donald J. Trump!

Now, we could care less that he’s twice divorced,
But we do care about the jobs he’s outsourced.
He boasts, he’ll bring back the jobs that were let go,
But HE manufactures in China and Mexico!

And Trump declared bankruptcy not 3 times but four–
Do we want him near launch codes for nuclear war?
Building yuuuge walls are part of his plans;
Must all be related to the size of his  …. hands.

Insulting British allies and when he’s done,
He’s BFFs with Putin and Kim Jong Un.
His new best friends are the NRA;
He thinks guns in schools are really ok.

One reason we won’t let up our attacks is
The man refuses to release his own taxes.
This lack of transparency?  Like never before!
Is he stashing his loot in some haven offshore?
Is it because he’s not a 10-billionaire?
Or because Donald’s rate is grossly unfair?
Even ol’ Mitt Romney is in an uproar —
Maybe Trump’s cars also get their own elevator?

One of the reasons we feel so vehement?
He vowed to axe the Paris Climate agreement!
So we need you to FIGHT in this state
Against the science-denying right wingers of hate.

‘Cuz his issues with women and what it reveals!
Seems he only likes us in tiaras and heels.
Punish the women who exercise choice!
Criticizing the sound of Hillary’s voice,
Bleating out bile like a bloviating blowhard:
I think it’s time to play that woman card.

(Let anyone doubt that women can bring it on
Just bow to those Huskies of UConn)

Yep, over in DC, it’s gridlock times ten–
But all that can be fixed with some more estrogen.
So the Senate has 20 women and counting,
But that’s not enough: our ambitions are mounting!
The boys had their fun, let’s turn a new leaf.
It’s time for a woman as commander in chief!

(And if you’re one who’s feeling the Bern now,
In the end we’ll all be together I vow)

So we’ll let them all steep in their party of tea
As we register voters in every county.
While Donald Trump thinks he’ll con you all too:
I ask you my friends: will Connecticut stay blue?

So batten down the hatches, amass the artillery,
I hope that this crowd is ready for Hillary;
With Donald Trump isn’t it totally evident –
We’ll work our tails off for a Democratic President!