September 17, 2016/News

AGAIN: Senate Republicans Using Taxpayer Resources To Campaign

Yesterday Connecticut Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano continued his caucus’s long history of blurring the line between campaigns and official business. In an official press conference at the Capitol, the Senate GOP outlined an unambiguous campaign platform thinly veiled as a “legislative agenda” released less than two months before Election Day.

The idea that Senate Republicans were not using this “agenda” – which is now postedon the Connecticut Senate Republicans’ official website – to promote their campaigns is laughable. Sen. Art Linares – who attended the official press conference – today issued a campaign press release to promote the very same agenda as his re-election platform.

“Senate Republicans, once again, are using taxpayer resources to benefit their campaigns. This is a clear violation of public trust and further proof that Connecticut Republicans are far more interested in scoring cheap political points than effectively governing. Even as Republicans rehash the same tired talking points this year in an attempt at relevancy, there is no rationale that makes this ethical.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby