September 26, 2016/Press Releases

Gov. Malloy, Lt. Gov. Wyman, CT Dems’ Statements On The First Presidential Debate

Hartford, Ct. – Gov. Dan Malloy, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, and Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statements in response to this evening’s presidential debate.

Tonight we saw two drastically different visions for the future of our country,” said Governor Malloy, who attended the debate. “On the one hand, Hillary Clinton is steady and has real plans to move our country forward, build on President Obama’s progress, and improve America’s standing on the global stage. On the other hand, Donald Trump is inconsistent and lacks the temperament to serve as president. As he proved once again on the debate stage, he has no real plans on many of the most important issues facing our country, and his relationship with the truth is hostile at best. After watching both candidates, I am more committed than ever to doing everything in my power to make sure Hillary Clinton is elected on November 8.”

“Hands down, Hillary Clinton won tonight’s debate, and it wasn’t close,” said Lt. Governor Wyman. “Her experience, her grasp of the most important issues at home and around the world, and her outstanding leadership skills make her uniquely qualified to serve as president on day one. Hillary believes, as I do, that our country is stronger when everyone has a seat at the table, and I know that, as president, Hillary will bring people together and get real results, just as she always has.”

“Hillary Clinton showed us tonight that she is ready to be our commander-in-chief,”said Chairman Balletto. “At the same time, Donald Trump showed us that he’s temperamentally unfit to be dogcatcher, much less president of the United States. Unfortunately, almost every GOP elected official in Connecticut continues to support Trump’s hateful, divisive campaign. I, along with the Connecticut Democratic Party, am fully committed not only to stopping Donald Trump, but also soundly defeating the Connecticut Republicans supporting him.”