September 13, 2016/News

Trump Pays Lip Service To Paid Family Leave

In a speech tonight, Donald Trump is expected to pay lip service to a federal paid maternity leave policy. Although Trump’s ‘family friendly’ proposals would likely make matters worse for working families while benefiting wealthy parents, Connecticut Democrats expect Republicans in the state to support Trump’s plan while distancing themselves from their nominee’s more controversial rhetoric and proposals.

“This is another Donald Trump proposal. It’s aimed at convincing working people to vote for him, but in reality – like just about every policy he has released so far – it would do much more harm than good. He also has no real way to pay for it.

“Despite the plan’s complete impracticability, we predict that Republicans running for Congress in Connecticut will express their support while continuing to maintain their distance from the underlying agenda, attempting to avoid having to answer for their party’s nominee. In reality, the vast majority of Connecticut Republican politicians support Trump and should be held accountable.

“Democrats like Rosa DeLauro have fought for years to pass paid family leave – not just maternity leave – at the federal level. We will continue that fight long after Republicans have moved on from pandering.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Leigh Appleby