October 9, 2016/Press Releases

Democratic state senators call Donald Trump out

Hartford, Ct. – Following a press conference at which Democratic leaders blasted Donald Trump’s despicable comments and actions and held the Connecticut Republicans continuing to stand by Trump accountable, Democratic Senators released the following statements.

“I find Donald Trump’s lewd comments absolutely appalling,” said Sen. Dante Bartolomeo (D-Meriden), who attended the press conference. “He is belittling 51 percent if the American electorate, and in doing so he has conclusively shown that he is unfit to lead this country. Now is the time for Republican Party leaders and Republican candidates in Connecticut to put party politics aside and to clearly and unequivocally reject Donald Trump. If they do not, they have signaled their support for Trump through their silence.”

“Good leadership and good judgment require a willingness to stand up to other leaders who say or do something wrong,” said Sen. Mae Flexer (D-Killingly). “I have stood up to members of my own party when the occasion called for it. It requires strong conviction and a deep commitment to stand up to leaders of your own party. What we all heard from Donald Trump is beyond offensive, it is disgraceful and very possibly criminal. It is part of a long record of hateful, ignorant remarks. That every Republican leader has not condemned these remarks and withdrawn their support for Mr. Trump speaks volumes. Blind political loyalty should not beat out basic human decency.”

“I am disappointed that the Connecticut Republicans did not come out publicly and condemn Donald Trump’s lewd and vulgar behavior,” said Sen. Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport). “I would have hoped that the state Republicans would have stood up for what is right and spoken out against Mr. Trump.”

”It was very clear during the Republican primaries that Donald Trump held abhorrent views of women and that many Republicans still supported him,” said Sen. Beth Bye (D-West Hartford). “But, I would hope with these latest revelations that my Republican colleagues in the legislature would finally and unequivocally admit that Trump’s latest comments are wholly inappropriate. Donald Trump is not who we are as a people, and this is not who Republicans are, so my GOP colleagues in the House and Senate need to come out now and clearly reject Donald Trump as their presidential candidate.”

“I find that Donald Trump’s statements are equivalent to crimes against women,”said Sen. Cathy Osten (D-Sprague). “His words and actions continue to dehumanize women and are, simply put, deplorable and dangerous. This is just disturbing.”
Click here to watch the full video of the press conference featuring Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin,  AFL-CIO President Lori Pelletier, and many others.