October 8, 2016/News

Still Silent: Time For Republicans To Speak Out

Recognizing the seriousness of Donald Trump’s taped admission of sexual assault, Republican leaders around the country are speaking out, condemning Trump and in many cases rescinding their support.

But Connecticut Republicans? Not so much.

This is unacceptable and mirrors how, throughout Trump’s hateful campaign – when he insulted prisoners of war, or when he promised to ban all Muslims, or when he mocked a person with a disability, or when he attacked a Gold Star family, or when he attacked a judge because of his Mexican heritage, or when he promised to punish women for having an abortion, or when he claimed President Obama founded ISIS – Connecticut Republican Party Chairman J.R. Romano has remained silent or defended Trump. No more. It’s time for Romano and GOP candidates who support Trump, including Trump delegates Rep. Themis Klarides, Sen. Art Linares, and Sen. Mike McLachlan, to be held accountable.

“The silence from Connecticut’s leading Republicans tells you all you need to know. It’s an implicit endorsement of Trump’s disgusting language and actions, and it’s absolutely unacceptable. No more silence. It’s time for J.R. Romano, Themis Klarides, Art Linares, and Mike McLachlan to answer for their candidate.

“There has never been a major party nominee less fit for the presidency than Donald Trump. The Republican candidates and elected officials down the ballot supporting his campaign need to be held accountable.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto

UPDATE: The Connecticut Republican Party has resumed their usual erratic Twitter schedule, without addressing Trump’s lewd comments and admission of sexual assault.