October 7, 2016/News

It Is Time For J.R. Romano And Republicans To Answer For Trump

Donald Trump’s comments were disgusting.
Republicans across the country have condemned them.


Even Paul Ryan is bailing on Trump.

With the divisive and vitriolic language that has become too common from Donald Trump, it is now time for Connecticut Republicans including Chairman J.R. Romano to take accountability and speak up. Romano and Republicans up and down the ticket have been allowed to stay silent for too long, but Connecticut voters deserve to know: Will these candidates and party leaders continue to stand by Trump?

“Donald Trump’s boasts about sexual assault go beyond mere offense. He has clearly demonstrated he can never be president of the United States. Unbelievably, throughout this campaign, from one scandal to the next, Connecticut Republicans have remained silent. No more. These comments disrespect all women. It is time for the Connecticut Republican Party to answer once and for all whether they will continue to stand by Donald Trump. Connecticut voters deserve an answer.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Alynn Woischke