October 5, 2016/News

The Day: GOP candidates keep failing the Trump test

CT Dems’ Reaction: “Art Linares and Heather Somers have made a conscious decision to put party loyalty and political expediency over the well-being of their communities and country by supporting a man who has attacked women for gaining weight, made fun of people with disabilities, and praised brutal dictators. Donald Trump is clearly unfit to serve as president, yet Connecticut Republicans continue to support his candidacy. This is terrible judgment, and none of these Republican candidates deserve to be let off the hook as they ask voters to cast their ballots this fall.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby

The Day: GOP candidates keep failing the Trump test

By David Collins

The reasons for not supporting Donald Trump, the deadbeat, from his sleazy treatment of women to his cheating and scams, can by now fill far more inches than there are in a simple news column of print.