October 12, 2016/News

SHOT/CHASER: No Free Pass For Fasano

SHOT:  “I am not endorsing him or being anywhere around him. I don’t have to defend him. My silence doesn’t mean acquiescence. I don’t support him. My position is clear. But I don’t have to answer for anything he says,” Senate Majority Leader Len Fasano said, according to the Connecticut Mirror.
CHASER: It wasn’t long ago that Fasano was singing a very different tune.

“In terms of the language that’s being used by Donald Trump to talk about politics and government, he’s a cathartic voice. So those voters are rewarding him for speaking for them because their voices have been muted by our system that we have of political correctness,” Fasano said after Connecticut’s primary.

CT Dems’ Reaction: “We understand where Len Fasano is coming from. He must be in panic mode trying to distance himself and his members from Donald Trump’s despicable campaign. Unfortunately for him, however, as the leader of the Senate GOP caucus, he is the voice of Senate Republicans, and he does have to answer for his party’s nominee. Whether a public official puts party first and stand by Donald Trump after these disgusting revelations or stands on the side of sanity speaks volumes about their character. It’s time for Len Fasano and the members of his caucus to make their feelings on Donald Trump clear.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby

The same goes for House Minority Leader Themis Klarides, who must still be “reassessing” her support for Trump.