October 17, 2016/News

What Does the Connecticut Republican Party Stand For?

With 22 days left until November 8, even Chris Powell, a longtime critic of Democrats, is asking what exactly Republicans plan to do should they take control of the General Assembly next year.

“Elections should be contests of ideas, focused on policies that the candidates would use to build on the progress made in recent years. Unfortunately, as Chris Powell points out, Republicans in our state refuse to provide any proposals and make every effort to distort or disregard facts. When a party based solely on opposition takes control, the result is the gridlock and dysfunction that has become the trademark of the national GOP. It becomes clearer by the day that, although Connecticut Republicans may distance themselves from Donald Trump’s bad press, their national counterparts remain the best guide for how they would govern.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell

Chris Powell: Republicans aren’t running on issues in campaign for General Assembly

While Connecticut is in desperate circumstances, you wouldn’t know it from the campaign, such as it is, for the General Assembly.

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