January 20, 2017/Press Releases

CT Dems’ Statement On Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Hartford, Ct. – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement.

“We wish President Trump the best as he begins his term, but we remain deeply concerned by the rhetoric and policy proposals he and his cabinet picks have espoused. Despite partisan differences, we root for America’s success and for opportunity and prosperity for our fellow citizens.

“Make no mistake, however, Democrats will stand up and be heard as we fight for continued progress. I hope there are areas where Democrats and Republicans can find common ground. However, if President Trump goes forward with the extreme agenda he pushed during his campaign and transition, Democrats stand ready to resist him not just legislatively, but at the grassroots level.

“This is because, rather than draining the swamp as he promised, his top nominees are billionaires, millionaires, and Washington insiders. Instead of embracing an agenda to help working people, he plans to strip health care from 30 million people, oppose an increase in the minimum wage, and dismantle our nation’s education system.

“Democrats know what it takes to stand strong in support of our values, as was clear from dozens of Democratic Community Captains, who came together from across the state last night in Hartford to get organized, from the rallies and demonstrations being seen across Connecticut in recent days and weeks, and from our Democratic elected officials making their voices heard on critical issues here in Connecticut and in confirmation hearings in Washington DC. Rest assured, we will have the organization necessary to hold the Connecticut Republicans supporting the Trump agenda accountable.”