January 24, 2017/News

SHOT/CHASER: Rebimbas’s New Interest In Voter Fraud

SHOT: State Rep. Rosa Rebimbas is happy to promote President Trump’s false claims that 3-5 million people voted illegally.


CHASER: Rebimbas is a member of the legislature’s Government Administration and Elections Committee. Here is a list of the bills she has sponsored on topic of voter fraud.

REACTION: “Connecticut’s Trump Republicans never cease to amaze. Representative Rebimbas is promoting, with zero evidence, Donald Trump’s outrageous and demonstrably false statements. Yet in her #alternativefacts universe, you would have assumed that because of this ‘crisis’ she would be proposing multiple bills to address this rampant fraud in Connecticut’s elections.

“You would be incorrect.

“The people of Naugatuck elected her and empowered her to make a difference in Hartford and to take action by proposing legislation on areas that affect Connecticut residents. Yet she has done worse: She has invented a crisis and failed to take action on her own fake crisis. Her hypocrisy on this is mind-numbing and raises concern over her agenda and why she would use her position to threaten the credibility of the same elections that sent her to office.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell