March 14, 2017/News

SHAMEFUL: Linares Won’t Stand Up For His LGBT Constituents

At a recent town hall meeting, GOP State Senator Art Linares was asked by an LGBT constituent concerned about her rights under the Trump administration whether he would support maintaining Connecticut’s current protections for LGBT people. Linares refused to answer her question.

After originally refusing to answer why he hasn’t signed on to legislation banning ‘gay conversion therapy,’ Linares – a Trump delegate who was endorsed by the Family Institute of Connecticut – refused to even answer whether he supports LGBT equality, as his colleague was forced to take the microphone to demonstrate a degree of tolerance and leadership.

“Art, this is simple. Do you believe that LGBT people deserve equality? Do you believe that gay conversion torture should be legal? Or will you refuse, as Donald Trump and national Republicans try to roll back marriage equality and transgender protections, to stand up for your LGBT constituents? You don’t need legislative language. You just need to be honest.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell.