March 16, 2017/Press Releases

Trump Budget Slashes Climate Change Research. What Does That Mean For Connecticut?

The Trump Administration’s budget blueprint, released today, proposes draconian cuts to environmental protection and climate change research. Through federal partnership, the state of Connecticut has been at the cutting edge of both research and climate-change mitigation.

Democrats are committed to prioritizing the fight against climate change, but the question for the Connecticut Republicans who have steadfastly supported the Trump agenda is simple: What is your plan to make sure Connecticut maintains critical investments in successful initiatives like the Connecticut Institute for Resiliency and Climate Adaptation and efforts to preserve the Long Island Sound?

“State and local governments are the last line of defense against the Trump administration’s dangerous agenda. This isn’t hypothetical. It affects real people’s lives. Our state – like all states – has relied on the federal government as a partner in researching climate change and its impacts on our local communities. We rely on a partnership with the federal government to keep our water safe to drink and our air safe to breathe. What will the Connecticut Republicans who have never wavered in their support for Trump’s agenda do? We need them to step up and fight back against this anti-Connecticut federal budget.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell