June 24, 2017/Press Releases

CT Dems Highlight GOP Gubernatorial Candidates’ Silence On Trumpcare

Hartford, Ct. – In a digital ad launched today, the Connecticut Democratic Party is calling out GOP gubernatorial candidates for failing to take a stand against the Senate GOP’s Trumpcare bill that would affect the care of the more than 724,000 Connecticut residents who have gained access thanks to the Affordable Care Act. As it currently stands, Connecticut’s uninsured rate is 3.8%, among the lowest in the nation, and the Senate GOP’s Affordable Care Act repeal bill would harm some of the most vulnerable people in the state. To date, not one GOP gubernatorial candidate has even expressed concern about the bill, while the Connecticut Republican Party is actively promoting it.

Here is the CT Dems’ ad:

“If this horrendous Trumpcare bill passes, it will be a fundamental issue that the next Governor will have to face during their term,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto. “People are worried about the future of their care, and every Democrat running for governor will stand up and work to protect the coverage of the thousands of residents who would be affected. Yet not one GOP candidate has even acknowledged that this cruel and heartless bill would be detrimental to the everyday lives of Connecticut residents. The lives of Connecticut residents are literally at risk, and make no mistake, the manner in which healthcare is provided by the state is being impacted by this legislation. That is why we need leadership from those who aspire to govern our state, and voters will hear each and every day about the failure to speak up if each of these Republicans continue to lead from behind.”